Song About A Song

This is a song about a song … the song I cannot sing It’s about a sound we must not utter for the carnage it would bring It’s about a shape the world must take ever righteous to itself If you lose one little song, they say, is there not another on the shelf? They say you have a thousand songs so sing us one of those They say there are a million tunes you could readily compose They say there is good reason why good folk do object And because those good folk are good folk we must focus on respect This is a poem about a poem, a poem I cannot say They quote morality and reason and say ‘cast this poem away’ They read a rule within a rule another rule not to be broken Hide that word, that powerful word … that word shall not be spoken And if that word infests a song then the lyric must be bound To less than free expression by the censors of all sound This is a song about a song; one I will dare to sing when I grow old Old enough to tell that fucking censor to shove it up his hole by Dezy Walls