Reviews on ‘Not the Life’

        • SWWA Stage & Theater Arts Review "Absolutely super! ... The Songs are the heart of the show and very well suited to the subject matter. And, unlike some musicals, these songs are actually integrated as part of the storytelling...You will want to get the CD.” [Dennis Sparks]
        • “Not the Life I Ordered” is unlike anything I’ve seen during my long life enjoying live theatre. The playwright shows great depth of sensitivity as he reminds us of life’s valuable lessons - skillfully coupled with bawdy humor. Emotions will run the gamut from belly laughs to nose blowing tears. It renews one’s appreciation for their own strengths, foibles, expectations, and satisfaction living a life real and true to themselves. Since “Hair” in Chicago(1968) and in Portland(2011) I have not experienced the unexpected range of emotions as I did during “Not the Life I Ordered”. Actually I felt a bit silly - crying during a musical?” ["W"anita Gray, Vancouver WA]