Me, a co-producer of Not the Life?

Not the Life I Ordered This musical play is a winner! The goal is to have 'Not the Life' performed in multiple theatres all over the country (and world) simultaneously. This musical play is relentless. It offers actors / actresses wonderful lead singing roles, and theatres an affordable musical. It is powerful beyond belief! The story resonates well with all. [Reviews] It is magnificent! And here’s where you come in … you can be one of my co-producers and help me bring “Not the Life I Ordered” to the world - what fun! Q. Who can be a co-producer? A. Anyone! You don't need any credentials.  A co-producer helps make the show happen 1) with funding (ie money) 2) through expertise - legal knowledge, technical (sound, lights etc), choreography, contacts with theatres, marketing/promoting, etc. 3) as a spreader of the word - introduce others to Dezy thru' house concerts, Dezy's blogs / video clips, & the website, and bringing them to the shows in your area. Q. If I send money, will it be an investment or a donation? A. At the moment it will be a donation which will be converted into shares once the structure has been legally organized. Q. How much is some money? A. An amount that parting with it does not give you sleepless nights nor would it greatly alter your lifestyle but you would feel happy to see it supporting an exciting project. You can DONATE here through PayPal. No amount is too small.   Q. When was Not the Life I Ordered first performed? A.  June 2006 in Kinsale, Ireland, then sporadically in Ireland & London 'til April 2008, and most recently in August 2012 in Vancouver, Washington. Q. Who will perform this show? A. There are two lead roles - both male characters which can be played by male or female performers, and one supporting role.  The two lead characters need to be reasonably close to each other in age.  For The Story behind the musical you can read about it here for the first 7's an ongoing work. So, let's bring 'Not the Life I Ordered' to your neck of the woods. Thank you, Dezy Signature