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About Not the Life

Playwright’s Note: Live your passion. Find your purpose. If this writer’s passion is to tell stories and these stories encourage others to live their passion then perhaps this writer has found his purpose. In Not the Life I Ordered both protagonists … Continue reading

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‘Portance of Profile

The Kevin Spacey song says … If you have the talent let the world know about it for God’s sake … Also for the sake of the world and for your own sake. You gotta be Kevin Spacey. When he walks into … Continue reading

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Marmose the Rat – introduction

Marmose the Rat by Dezy Walls will be a seven minute online musical – the story told through cartoon drawings by Rosario Calandra and charming lyrics, with orchestration including outstanding instrumentalists and chorus. Produced by Dezy and his fans. This will take 10 more … Continue reading

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Where’s Kenmare

Go way out beyond the rush, rumble, push and tumble of everyday life, turn left when you feel the peace of the mountains and the calm of the sea, and down in a peaceful valley you’ll find Kenmare. It is … Continue reading

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Island of Inspiration

Don’t just dream of going to Ireland. Be inspired. Do it now! More than do it. Make it the most exciting adventure you’ve ever had. If it were up to you, would you choose to be at the heart of … Continue reading

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Big Story

Shaw also said that the ‘unreasonable’ man is the one who changes the world – possibly because he won’t sit down and take that shit (paraphrasing more than slightly here). Do you know what makes sense? Rather than worrying about … Continue reading

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The Price of Inspiration

I was on the eighty – doing sixty-five thru Pennsylvania Still five more hours to Shohola There is some fog but it’s not raining Yet I find myself complaining – that I’m bored out of my tiny mind I’ve got … Continue reading

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The Mystery

We begin inside a writer’s head. She is watching life. It is as much a mystery to her as it is to you or me. She decides to tell a story – your story, my story, her story, interacting stories, … Continue reading

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…And what have you done?

“Mind your own business” was always my reactionary answer because, when I was a teenager, that question was normally asked by the clean cut establishment whose job was to judge any duckling who was not neatly in line. Rather than … Continue reading

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D or X-pression

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