When I’m Sixty-Four !

When I’m Sixty-Four! Did you see that young fellow Paul McCartney getting married again at 69 and looking twenty years less. The day of the wedding was John Lennon’s birthday – John himself would have been a fit 71 had not some bullets cut him out of the game early. It’s because of such bullets and other unforeseen happenings that we must follow our dreams now. So here’s my One Crazy Thing (see last week’s blog). I turn 63 today (15th) and when I’m 64, my musical – Not the Life I Ordered - will be produced in a major Portland theatre. My birthday gift to me is a promise for this year to listen carefully when boredom and ennui scream at me. What they scream is “do not fill your empty moments with useless amusements but with action steps that move you towards your goal”. I’m not postponing my dream – too many bullets and other things around for that – but I’m giving myself a reasonable time to get this done. It’s a reasonable time if I work my ass off and believe completely. Waiting for the Women
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