You are a visionary.

The pianobike kid in actionYou are a visionary. You see the world as no one else does. Although you may feel blocked you have a passion to live, to give to the world. Forget the glory or the glamour. Do not focus on the hot sex or suitcases full of cash. It's about what you, with your unique vision, passionately want to bring to life. Do it! Begin now by writing something down without concern for approval. Follow up by being passionate about everything you do from brushing your teeth to building the Taj Mahal. Begin now! Continue now! Follow up now! There is no tomorrow. Let your passion loose now! What? You are searching for your purpose? I've just told you your purpose - to work from the fire in your soul. It's there. You are a visionary. Bounce this idea back to me and prove me right even if you prove me wrong. Comment below. Check out more photos of the pianobike - click here.
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  1. Mirjam ter Burg says:

    Hey lieve Des!

    That was just what I needed. Ik zal het doen!!! This is a good start to accepting myself and embracing myself xxx love to Clare xxx

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