Like Dick Whittington’s Cat

I want to tell the world, especially the city of London, that I never give up. I stood on its streets as a twenty three year old and almost starved. God London hated me back then. It let me win a fortune at the dog races and then took it away on the horses. It showed me the possibilities of life and then held them at arms length so I could not reach. I hated London. I hated it because it was not Ireland. I hated it because it was big and beautiful in some part – yet I had to live in the other part. I hated it because that’s where Daddy’s flight was scheduled to arrive but had never landed. At twenty-three I busked music in the streets of London but then in desperation sold my guitar. I gambled the money on a dog and won a fortune and in weeks lost it all again on horses and women – I wish – I hardly spoke to another human being in that time not to dream of a female. When I was totally down and out on the streets a man gave me a few kind words and fifty pence. That encouragement and the meal I bought sustained me for two days. His generosity didn’t make me fall in love with London. The man was from Wales – and everybody loves Wales. I still hated London.. I was rescued - ironically by a friend I used to sing with when we were both in College. He had given up the singing to make sure he would pass his dentistry exams – so now young Dr. Murphy could afford to rescue his irresponsible buddy and send me back home. Ah! Mother! Another lesson learned. Or not! I’ve been to London many times since and it’s beaten me but each time by a smaller margin. I have grown fond of that big beautiful monstrosity and like Dick Whittington and his cat - I will be back in triumph! Share your thoughts, leave a comment below Kevin Spacey
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  1. Jean carpenter Backus from austin says:

    Good read Dezy! Made me laugh. Hi to Claire.

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