Nothing I hate more than…

I’m a fan of Jon Stuart’s Daily Show – it’s the best place to get relevant news. He gives every story an hilarious twist thus spotlighting the nub of the issue. But do you know what I hate – Jon doesn’t work every week and sometimes, just in pure laziness, he sends out repeat programs. Not like The Simpsons send out repeats from 1874, The Daily Show sends out programs we’ve only just seen. It would be like if I said I’m including this weekend TWO comic strips and related songs from the Pianobike Kid that you’ve already seen and heard! The cheek! Here they are! Sexy Sixty And there is nothing I hate more than the unashamed ways people promote themselves in the ad breaks – “After making this CD, Dezy could die happy!” – so he’s planning to do that in about forty years’ time. Read more after the second comic strip. Beatles Reunion   This CD has new songs, fresh recordings and a couple of old songs that refused to be left off! One CD is only $15 plus $3.50 delivery – three CDs are $45 plus $4 dollars delivery.
If you want to pay directly in Euro email me for bank details: OR YOU CAN JOIN DEZY’S FIRST ONE HUNDRED CLUB! Members get 10 for $10 each and free delivery – see more about First 100 Club here! Many of you have already joined this First 100 club and your CDs are on their way! Leave a comment.
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