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the pianobike kidThe Pianobike Kid is no expert (who needs another expert?). What he is possibly the wisest wackiest superhero since Solomon or Aristotle … after all The Kid doesn’t just ride a pianobike … he rides a Sindle-Zucal! Take whatever ails you and pour it all on him. So, what are you? Too rich … too thin … too fat … too poor … too cute … too lonely … too frustrated for words … or maybe you are simply too busy … could you be too optimistic … too idle … too pessimistic … too weak …too energetic … Or is it that you are too messy … possibly too organized … too perfect …too sometin’ else? … Go on tell me … Be creative in the comment box below – use an alias, be bold and bare all…or email me privately. Now, don’t keep this opportunity to yourself – pass it on to ALL your friends immediately. Their lives could use an injection of wacky wisdom too. And they can sign up here for the replies. Or even if you have no question for The Kid you can comment here.
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