Struggle – or be inspired

Struggle or be inspired? That’s easy. Even a drowning man will tell you struggling gets you nowhere. That’s why I’m trying desperately to be inspired. You may identify with that. We would all choose inspiration if we could put on our working boots and go get it. We don’t care if it’s up a slippery hill. But you want an inspired life? Patience is the answer – I couldn’t wait to tell you that - and acceptance, of course. Maybe tomorrow I’ll find time to be patient. Right now I must cycle to the village but my bicycle tyre is flat and my pump is missing so I must ask my neighbour for his pump but maybe he won’t have one and even if he does he won’t want to give it to me because I took a week to give him back his hammer last time I borrowed it and even if he’s forgiven me he’ll probably keep me talking and I’ve got to get to the village. I’ll have to walk. Where are my feckin’ shoes? Sometimes I think if I were falsely accused of a major crime my team of lawyers would be Struggle, Struggle, Stress, Strain and Struggle! At least I would have forty years to contemplate why our case lacked inspiration. One of mankind’s favourite struggles is trying to be like Brother Bob. Bob drives a big car. Look at the old banger I drive. That must be because Bob is struggling harder than I am. Bob looks happy! Follows that if I do everything Bob is doing I’ll be happy. Struggle, struggle, struggle! Why is it not working for me like it works for Bob? Ah! I know what it is – I’m not struggling hard enough. Struggle, struggle, struggle - crash bang hit rock bottom and wake up – inspired! Forget Bob, I’ll be me instead. I won’t struggle against the current. If I drown, so be, so be. Oh! There are my shoes and there’s my neighbour looking for the lawnmower - an opportunity to ask about that bicycle pump. Inspiration flows freely as does our friend perspiration, Mr. Edison. But struggle never wrote a decent song – even a country one. Click here for song, ‘Brother Bob’ Brother BobClick on the cartoon to listen to the song which opens up in a new page – let music play & revisit this page.  Share your thoughts. Leave a comment below.
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  1. john cox says:

    Hi: Just a quick note. Dez I’m not bragging but I have four hammers,spare bike, and a bike pump, and this can be all yours when you come to PEI. Dez I have a good friend in the entertainment/production buisness and is always looking for new adventures.
    Brookes and Fiona Diamond are their names, and they are great people. I believe is their web site, or just Google Brookes Diamond.
    All the best.

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