Aunty Sheila’s Big Black Piano

Happiness (to continue the theme) is simply surrender - giving up what you think you are, to find in its place what you really are. Once upon a time I wanted something badly. I wanted to cycle a pianobike 166 miles from Cork to Dublin arriving in the RTE TV studios on the day of the big charity telethon. Oh yes! Gay Byrne would welcome me and say, “Did you really ride that all the way from Cork? And you collected how much? You are a hero!” So months in advance I arranged for an engineering company to build a pianobike for me. I also got four beach cycles – you know the type that four people can pedal. I asked some mad young students to cycle these. There would be 17 of us going merrily up the road singing and collecting billions to feed the world. My enthusiasm was infectious. The mayor of Cork agreed to see us off. The TV people slotted a reception time for us. They were even considering letting me sing a song – bless their hearts. And I was very well organised. Above the desk in my room was a chart where everything was checked along a date line. I was working sixteen hours a day seven days a week. I even forbad myself to play the piano that stood against the wall to my right – the beautiful big shiny black piano that my Aunty Sheila had given me. Plenty of time to play that when I returned from Dublin a hero. Then came the news that I’d have to get a written permit for money collections from every little police station in every tiny district along the way. After that the revelation that only two of the volunteer cyclists could afford to take two weeks off – it seems some of those students thought we could cover 166 miles in a weekend – Like Tour De France cyclists – I’ve never seen Lance Armstrong on a pianobike, have you? But what really blew me back was when the engineering company told me they had run into technical difficulties building the pianobike. What difficulties, I asked. “We don’t know where the fuck to start”. A month to go and they hadn’t even STARTED! I couldn’t go forward – I couldn’t go back either because I’d made so many commitments to so many people from the Mayor of Cork to the whole RTE television station. I looked at the perfect chart on the wall now with red marks all over it. I threw up my hands and said to no one in particular, there is nothing more I can do. I closed my eyes and cried in the darkness, “you take it, I can’t handle it” and then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Aunty Sheila’s big shiny black piano standing silently against the wall. I walked over to it feeling as guilty as an ex-smoker sneakily opening a packet of cigarettes. I sat down – it came to me. Now, before you listen to the inspired song that flowed that day right out of Aunty Sheila’s big shiny black piano and me, do the following. Surrender to the moment and have no preconceived expectations – be prepared to listen through the whole song – the impatient will not be rewarded – give it your full attention – do all that and it may change your life. It certainly changed mine. Click here for the song Stress Management Click on the cartoon to listen to the song which opens up in a new page – let music play & revisit this page.  What do you think? Leave a comment below.
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  1. john cox says:

    Dezy: I’m reading and responding to your emails arse first, but anyway it’s good to hear what you are up to. I tried to listen to ‘Auntie’s Black Piano’ but had to give up after too many ‘free downloads’ and frecking around on this machine. I’ll have to get some 10 year old over to show me how to do it.
    Boy you are ambitous peddeling the piano bike 166 miles, up down, and around. Why just yesterday me and my brother Bob (can be spelled with two owes), cycled 43km,
    our personal best, on our rails to trails. These trails have at best a 2% grade, I can’t imagine peddeling a piano bike 166 miles. You are brave. Would have made a great video though. I’m going to try you tube for your Auntie’s Piano.
    Good luck with Brookes, let me know how it turns out.

  2. Ed Jevec says:

    BRAVO Dezy, your a man that talks the talk, and walks the walk. In very short words
    you tell it all, keep that compassion and Love growing.Your on your way.
    with Love Eddieo

  3. Jim Sindle says:

    I love that song. I should have sang it over the last few weeks. It would have done wonders for me. About the bike in your story. The only problem was you hadn’t met Tom or I yet. I hope to be working on the piano next week. Tom said he is sending me the mounting catches so we will be able to lock the box to the bike frame. I’ll send you pictures as I go. Love you both. Jimmy

    • Dezy Dreamer says:

      Yes Jimmy, life goes on and we learn – the moral of the story is – always, when you need a pianobike, make it a Sindle-Zucal. Am now seriously considering driving over in a van (’96) to collect it around the 28th? Will call you. Dezy

  4. Julie says:

    Hey Dezy,
    Your timing is magical! Both of your musical missives arrived exactly when they were needed!

    I’m Beth Gonnering’s friend from Kenosha and I been to a couple of your in-home performances. I know you and Beth have maintained a friendship, and right now she needs the stress management song more than ever…

    There was a huge wind storm that tore up Lake Michigan on Thursday evening and Beth’s house was hit hard. Two or three of her big trees crashed into her living room, pretty much rendering the house unlivable until the trees are removed and roof is rebuilt. Could be a couple of months. Good news is that Beth and her dogs are unhurt. Shit happens and we keep movin’ on. But I know it will matter to her that I let you guys know.
    Keep the Express rolling – we need you! Julie

    • Dezy Dreamer says:

      Hi Julie – give my love to Beth and Molly and Zoe and Sadie – I’m so glad none of them were hurt. Clare gave Beth a call. Thanks for letting us know. Hope to see you all when we next pass through .

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