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The Pianobike Kid is no expert (who needs another expert?). What he is is possibly the wisest wackiest superhero since Solomon or Aristotle … after all The Kid doesn’t just ride a pianobike … he rides a Sindle-Zucal! Take whatever ails you and pour it all on him. Hi Kid: It seems to me I’m too fat, too bald, too old, some might say too conservative and just a bit crabby – Oh and too lazy to do anything about any of that. Hell, I can barely bring myself to type this email! What say you oh wise Pianobike Kid? Greg Hi Greg: No such thing as too fat … unless of course you can’t fit through the kitchen door Definitely never too old … listen to attached song … Sexy Sixty … it could be Sexy Ninety or One Hundred and Ten and be the same story. A little bit crabby is ok as well - but too conservative may be the root of the problem. Of course you’re lazy if you don’t like change … where would you get the energy to change the world if you don’t want the old ways touched? Conservatives say things like, “Who moved that? That wasn’t there yesterday! That’s not what I’m used to.” They only use energy to make sure nobody else tries to change anything either. So, I suppose it’s good that you are a lazy conservative – that way you don’t go on Fox News with a short haircut trying to prove that the reds are no longer under the bed – they are in the White House! Actually being a rock star you probably can’t really be a conservative! You’re probably just lazy. The Kid Dear Piano Bike Kid I have a question about another superhero like yourself. Why, when the bad guys shoot Superman, do the bullets bounce off his chest? Yet, when the empty gun is thrown at him, Superman ducks? Regards, Pondering in Portland Hi Pondering on the Bagpipes Have you ever been hit by a gun thrown at you? A gun is bigger than a bullet. Speed is not part of the equation because time is something my good friend Superman has conquered so the fact that the bullet is travelling fast is irrelevant to him. He could just as easily catch the bullets in his hands but that would be showing off and you know that’s not what superheroes do – up until now anyway. Try to come up with a harder question next time please? The Kid So, what are you? Too rich … too thin … too fat … too poor … too cute … too lonely … too frustrated for words … or maybe you are simply too busy … could you be too optimistic … too idle … too pessimistic … too weak …too energetic … Or is it that you are too messy … possibly too organized … too perfect …too sometin’ else? … Go on tell me … Be creative in the comment box below - use an alias, be bold and bare all...or email me privately. Now, don’t keep this opportunity to yourself – pass it on to ALL your friends immediately. Their lives could use an injection of wacky wisdom too. And they can add their questions to the "comments".
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