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The Kevin Spacey song says ... If you have the talent let the world know about it for God's sake ... Also for the sake of the world and for your own sake. You gotta be Kevin Spacey. When he walks into town, Whatever anyone is doing they instantly put down. "Can I have the Old Vic Theatre?" They fall and kiss his feet. 'Cause he is Kevin Spacey and he puts bums on seats (butts if you speak American). And the song too tells us that it's never too late. " ... Remember this, young man (that means me) - there was a time when Kevin Spacey was not who he am!" I, as the instigator of the Kevin Spacey Principle must set an example. "Age and circumstance aside, one must creatively challenge one's anonymity". And that is why we are producing an online musical (7 mins) about a rat called Marmose. When I say "we are producing" I mean you, me, Rosario (cartoonist), Skatz and many more. Let me thank those who have already lifted the funding above twenty percent of target in only two weeks. Over a 1,000 of the five is already in. And the work is running sweetly parallel. If you can, at all, please help to keep it moving along. In return for your loving support I will do two things for you. When it's finished, I'll send you a signed DVD of the final product with your name, as co producer, on the credits. But even more importantly ... I'll prove to the world that, with the support of friends, fans and fellow human beings, any person with the enthusiastic energy of a 22 year old and the stubborn stickability of a 66 year old is unstoppable. I thank you. Marmose the Rat, Bertie the Hedgehog and the little old lady they save from a bus also thank you. Loving support button ... Any amount from 20 to 1000 is lovely. It will cause a dance in the kitchen.   If you find PayPal daunting, reply to this mail and we'll send you alternate bank details.
click on cartoon below to hear the song "Kevin Spacey" 
kevin spacey by dezy walls
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