Marmose the Rat – introduction

support the Marmose Project Marmose the Rat by Dezy Walls will be a seven minute online musical - the story told through cartoon drawings by Rosario Calandra and charming lyrics, with orchestration including outstanding instrumentalists and chorus. Produced by Dezy and his fans. This will take 10 more weeks to complete. Please jump in with a little something to support the work. Fundraisers always promise gifts. I promise a copy of Marmose the Rat on DVD with YOUR NAME in the credits as a PRODUCER. But my big promise is I'LL MAKE YOU PROUD. We need to raise €5,000 ( $6,250 ) for the project. We're already at $420. Throw in anything from $20 or $100 up to $1,000. We're working away and it delights me every time the light flashes to say there's another co-producer on board. I welcome any response or questions. Contact me here or comment below. an example of a Rosario Calandra drawing belowRadio in the USA - 732
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