The Happy Ending

John O’Connor is not available. What was it in connection with, Dizzy? Dezy! Daisy? No! Dezy – The Pianobike Kid Who? Never mind, when is John in? He’s in and out all day. That’s a … did you say your name was Majella? Yes! I’m Majella! He’s in and out all day means he doesn’t want to talk to me, doesn’t it Majella. You can tell me straight, girl. I’ve heard it all before. Although why he doesn’t want to talk to me is a mystery. He doesn’t even know me. That’s probably why he doesn’t want to talk to you. He only talks to people he already knows? Hard to make new friends … You could try Tuesday at two … Thanks, Majella! Tell John to listen to Sexy Sixty – I attached the Mp3 to my last fifteen e-mails. I’ll tell him. Bye! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael, Dezy here - how’s the record plugging going? Not bad, Dezy! We got three airplays so far. Worldwide-three airplays? Well, we only sent it to five thousand radio stations. Two of the three said they’d play it again if you call in and do a little interview on air. Where are they? One is in Waterford, Ireland and the other in some little town in Alberta, Canada. I’ll e-mail the details. Things are developing a bit online too. One blogger with a readership of five hundred said he’d carry the Pianobike Kid comic strip and we got almost two thousand hits on the Youtube video. Since Christmas? Yeah! How’s things on the ground? A few parties and house concerts … they all go great but I’m trying to get into John O’Connor’s. I could fill that hundred and fifty seater on Tuesday nights but he hasn’t time to talk. Keep plugging, Dezy! The stone will crack. You too, Michael, you too! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Majella, is John O’Connor there? Yes! No! I’ll ask him. I’ll wait … She’ll walk up to him and ask him if he’s there??? Fuck it, man I wonder if he knows? He says what’s it about? Tell him his room is empty on Tuesday nights and I can fill it! I’ll tell him. I’ll wait. Dum dee dum dee dum … (Deep gravely voice) Who have I here? Is that John? Who’s this? I’m Dezy, The Pianobike Kid. What can I do for you? It’s what I can do for you, John. Give me Tuesday nights and I’ll pack the place for you. We don’t open Tuesdays. It’s not worth it. I’ll make it worth it. Send me something. I did. And the Sexy Sixty song was attached. Did you listen to it? Sixty? Some of our clientele are younger and older than that. Can you call me at a time I’m not so busy? Listen to the song. I’ll try. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dezy, Michael here. Hi Michael. Dezy that bloody video has gone viral across the world. My video? Ours? Yes man – and the radio shows are jammin’ up the phone looking for ye! Seven in the morning we’ll sit down at your place and talk strategy. See you then. Hold on, Mike. I’ve a thousand questions. 7AM. Must go; the calls are lined up around the block. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dezy, this is Majella – can you take a call from John O’Connor? John who?

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