Island of Inspiration

Ireland with Dezy image Don't just dream of going to Ireland. Be inspired. Do it now! More than do it. Make it the most exciting adventure you've ever had. If it were up to you, would you choose to be at the heart of a group of painters or writers or outlandish dreamers? Would you fish, golf, hike, bike throughout the season or even hide away for Christmas? Would you take a boat to the Blasket Islands or climb to where the views take your breath away? Would you dance to the music or just sit enchanted and soak it in? Would you visit castles and sheep farms or roam through thousand year old graveyards? Would you visit the local bars and become more Irish than the Irish themselves? Would you laugh and sing the whole night through? There's a perfect Ireland for you. Let's do it. We want to show you Ireland as we know it and as you will love it. Already we've found many "anchors" happy to help design tours with us. We still seek more. All you need for this role is enthusiasm. We'll feed you the possibilities. Then together we'll design your Inspired Irish Adventure adding like-minded people to your group. Contact us now. (We never advertise publicly but please feel free to share this among your friends). More at Dezy Walls is an Irish performer, playwright, musician and funny man who loves to show Ireland to his friends and their friends. Clare (Dezy's wife) has a gift for hospitality and welcomes you to stay at our home in County Kerry. What they say: "...Touring through Ireland with Dezy and Clare, made every day seem like we lived there all our lives. ... We are ready to go again."  [Linda Ransom 2013]  "Ha! This is the stuff myths and legends are born from! .... It was a great trip." [Kevin Mahoney 2011]
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