Big Story

Cliffs of Moher - Dezy Shaw also said that the ‘unreasonable’ man is the one who changes the world – possibly because he won’t sit down and take that shit (paraphrasing more than slightly here). Do you know what makes sense? Rather than worrying about what people think of you as a bit player in their stories focus on your own story, take responsibility for it, make it the greatest story ever told by owning that you are its author, its only informed critic and its greatest audience. Yours is the big story so waste no time on little vignettes that require outside approval for their meaning. Your story is real and it is yours. What could be bigger than that?
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4 Responses to Big Story

  1. meindert says:

    Dezy Walls / had je nog fotos van eerste piano bike / bilt bij meindert ///uit oosterblokker

  2. Art Lorigan says:

    Nice bit Dezy, is that photo on the cliff edge real? Great shot

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