…And what have you done?

“Mind your own business” was always my reactionary answer because, when I was a teenager, that question was normally asked by the clean cut establishment whose job was to judge any duckling who was not neatly in line. Rather than actually saying, “Mind your own business” I would mumble incoherently until the inquirer said, “that’s nice” and moved on. I was a social rebel so what business of theirs was it if I’d done shit since last Christmas. Then John Lennon asked the same question and a torrent of guilt burst forth – what had I, in fact, done? Even though his song would be played to about a billion people each year, it felt like it was picking on me – ‘another year older’ – twenty-six already and never had a hit record! Oh dear God, the Lord Lennon had seen right through me. Then I calmed down.This year, when they play that song I reply, I’ve been digging – that’s what I say – digging snow and digging for opportunities. don & dez shoveling Did you know that clearing a two hundred yard driveway of two-foot deep snow with only two shovels is similar to carving out a hit musical? Both take a lot of digging. Every now and then you look up to see where you are and you’re a bit closer to your target - then you get back to digging, digging, tossing snow, banging the shovel to dislodge the bits that have stuck, picking up a stick and throwing it for the dog and watching him swim through snowdrifts to retrieve it, rubbing the other dog because he is shivering and has no interest in sticks - and then digging, digging, digging before looking up again and saying to your co-digger, “hey, we’re getting closer!” That’s also how you work towards a hit musical - which is what I’ve been doing all year. And you? To listen to a song from my musical 'Not the Life' - click here or click on the play button below.  [ti_audio media="2389"] Have a good one, Love Dezy and Clare
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  1. Sally Jett says:

    Dear Clare & Dezy, Despite the arduous task of drive clearing, the immediate world in which you toil is beautiful. Your song, Dezy, is so full of missed possibilities and irony, it matches life.

    I lift my cup of spiced mead and send a warm greeting of “Slainte,”


  2. Beth Gonnering says:

    Dezy & Clare,
    Your post is so true and reminds me our journeys are not so different. Your goal of a hit musical or my goal of a successful profitable business. Each day you work a little harder digging your way a bit closer to the goal. Dealing with the obstacles in your way andseeing the end goal..
    the end of the driveway. Difficult to get to but so worth it when you have done it. Thanks for reminding me as some days are harder than others.
    Merry Christmas and getting to the end of the driv
    eway in 2013!!

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