Don’t you think that if whatever almightily omnipotent source of creation we evolved from had its wits about it we wouldn’t have been given so much to be angry about? Wouldn’t it save an awful lot of energy, not to mention ammunition, if we’d been given a less frustrating world and thereby also less overly sensitive neighbours? Or could we all have been created placid, so that when our families and teachers and bosses and lovers and phone companies fecked us about we’d just remain calm and smile at their little indiscretions? Wishful thinking! We have been placed in an exasperating world with infuriating companions and impossible situations and our justifiable anger is everywhere to be seen. Of course, it’s obviously misdirected. While we are blaming each other the supposedly all-powerful source of everything is just sitting back and laughing at its shoddy workmanship. That was my thinking on Monday. Tuesday something strange happened. I turned around a corner and spotted a notice that said, “gratitude creates happiness – the opposite may not necessarily be true”. So I tried for an hour or so being grateful for my cup of coffee and a few other things. The anger passed along with the doom and gloomy feelings that had accompanied it and the sun was now shining rather than glaring in my eyes and the kids in the coffee shop were cute rather than irksome and then the truth dawned on me. An absolutely omnipotent creator is, by definition, all creation creating itself. This includes me. And my part in creation is simple – change my perspective/change my life! I learnt that gratitude leads to happiness. The reverse - waiting for satisfactory results to trigger gratitude only results in extreme frustration. I am thankful for this lesson and most obliged to you for reading my piece. Dezy Walls is the creator of "The Stress Management Song" – listen to it in a quiet place with the windows closed. For maximum benefit, listen through to the end. Then in an extreme mode of gratitude pass it on.   Dezy is also the author/composer of "Not the Life" – the musical, which will play in a few select theatres and playhouses across America in 2013. 
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3 Responses to Anger!

  1. Danielle says:

    Well put, Dezy. It’s so easy to forget that we control how we feel, that we can “spin” most any situation in our favor. And I’ll be so grateful when you bring Clare home. You know we have a piano… put us on the list for a West coast house party!

  2. Lisa Graves says:

    Thank you!! This is so true. Our attitude and reaction is the only thing we can really control, and it can make a world of difference. Cultivating gratitude and appreciation for our lives helps us to be happier, and help reserve our anger for outrages that warrant righteous anger!
    We miss you two! Hope you are having a lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. Bobbi says:

    Beautiful, Dezy. I love this. And if you show up in Turkey before Jan 15 we’ll at least put you up if not find a toy piano and drag some Turks off the street. Enjoy the East Coast, or at least let it make you grateful for the West!

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