Real Angels

“Angels” often refers to those Broadway investors who bankroll big shows. But I know some real angels. Through this busiest period of my life miracles keep occurring. I’m working ninety hours a week for no immediate income. And theoretically I can’t afford to do that. But I will be sending my ‘child’ “Not the Life I Ordered” out to work for the first time in America later this month and it’s getting paid! Unlike most ‘children’ “Not the Life I Ordered” - being a musical play - can ultimately go to work in a thousand theatres at the same time. And it will always send its entire paycheck home. So no wonder I’m willing to work my ass off for it now - for nothing. Unlike my cash-generating pub playing days, which were the top of the small time, we are now at the base camp of the big time – imminently ready to move on up. But what was I saying about miracles? Each time we resign to, “that’s it, we’re broke” a miracle arrives – real angel - beckyfrom the most unlikely source – from the furthest distance around the globe or out of the smallest pocket in the universe or the kindest heart of a landlady whom we’ve never set eyes on or a talented friend volunteering to do what would otherwise have burst the coffers – it’s all miracles and it adds to more than urgently needed funds – it adds to the inspiration to plug on and do this thing. Down the road Broadway “angels” will line up to get a slice of “Not the Life I Ordered” and who can blame them – but I won’t call them “angels” - I know what real angels are. Thank you all who’ve helped at each point along the line so far and to those carrying or sending the next unexpected miracle. Make Dezy's Day - donate a cup of coffeeAll angels will get their reward - and not just in heaven - you who donate are immediate shareholders in “Not the Life I Ordered”. Plus you get the Limited Edition CD “Dezy Raw” - me, my piano, my interpretation of the songs from the show.
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