Impassioned or Possessed ?

Those of you who've heard my stuff may agree that most of what I write is fun - sometimes even gripping. Well, forget 'gripping'. That's easy to live with. When 'riveting' comes pounding on your door if you want a straightforward life don't let it in. I opened the door six and a half years ago and it took me over. We're talking about my musical play - you will learn in a minute why it's called "Not the Life I Ordered". Since I first conceived it with Peter's promptings in late 05 it has fought for my full attention. I have resisted - I have diverged my efforts, writing other shows, doing many fun and sometimes even profitable performances - great projects with great people yet "Not the Life" has kept pushing its way back to centre stage screaming, "pay attention to me - I am your redemption". I've answered, "there is no immediate money to be made in pursuing you"- for this I would be punished - I'd find myself going through days of depression a black screen in front of my internal vision until I come to my senses. After a week of dark soul this morning I am drawn to the piano to work on a powerful new melody for the title song - the minute I sit down the spirit of the show takes hold of me. My passion that seemed to be slipping snaps back as a response to the immediate urgency this entity demands. For hours it holds me slave, drawing from my deepest soul and as I hit the final crescendo battered and bruised, the boxed up emotion of my week breaks through and I cry like a baby - a rare thing for this hardened creature - then my cute little musical looks me in the eye and softly whispers, "I know sometimes you hate me but I am, without doubt - the life you ordered!" This musical play is relentless. It is powerful beyond belief! It is magnificent! And here's where you come in ... you can be one of my co-producers and help me bring "Not the Life I Ordered" to the world - do you know how much fun it is to be a co-producer? Those who have run a house concert will know how satisfying that can be. Well being a co-producer on "Not the Life" is like that only a lot more fun. We can use your own house space or the local church basement or a small theatre but those are details to be discussed. Just tell me that you would love this great little adventure and I'll get right back to you. or 1 239 404 9944 FAQ Q. Where do I have to live to be a co-producer? A. Anywhere this side of Mars. If you're oceans away it may take longer but we will get there. Q. Is there another way I can help? A. Yes! Send me money. Sorry, I just blurted that out without thinking. Let me put it more delicately. Send me some money! Q. How much is some money? A. An amount that parting with it does not give you sleepless nights nor would it greatly alter your lifestyle but you would feel happy to see it supporting an exciting project. You can DONATE here thru PayPal or checks to 555 N Declaration Dr, Carlton OR 97111. Q. If I send (some) money will it be an investment or a donation? A. A donation for now - but it will grow to be an investment. Once we have established the show we will set up a corporation and all previous donations I have received will be converted to share holdings equal to double the original amount donated. Q. If I don't have the inclination to be a co-producer or a donor what else might I do to help the project? A. A few possibilities: 1) Spread the word - I will be posting regular little songs (average 30 seconds) online - Dezy's In Your Face Videos -- these songs are not from "Not the Life" - they are short fun things to pass around online. 2) You can bring people to a performance near you. 3) If you have expertise in business, law or any other area where we could use help, your services would be appreciated pro bono or as a credit. Q. When and where is your first production? A. Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada - August 18th will be our first performance. Q. Who will perform this show? A. Two of the stars from my Anythingers troupe (Seana and Stephanie) are already in rehearsals. They are superb in the two lead parts. Q. You surely mean Sean and Stephan not Seana and Stephanie - aren't the two lead parts male? A. Ah! Isn't theatre wonderful? So let's bring 'Not the Life' to your neck of the woods. Thank you, Dezy Signature
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