Cows ‘n True Confessions

I dream I’m behind a baby grand piano sitting in the middle of a field playing for a herd of cattle and not even one cow is looking up to see what is happening? The only thing wrong with that picture is context. The cows are in their true environment and so am I – behind a piano. It’s the piano that is in the wrong place. If that piano were in a venue full of people waiting to be entertained the frustrating nightmare would become the perfect dream. Compare that to real life events. I pull out my words and songs with impeccable timing, my incisive wit whipping up enthusiasm throughout the room, my energetic piano and my irresistible personality imposing on the audience the time of their lives. I am in my element. I glance to the mirror with a wink and say, “boy are you good at this!” That’s not my confession. I wouldn’t change a thing! I decided that this year and for the rest of my life I want to pass on what I can to other performers and draw out of them more than they ever realised they had inside. So I find some wonderful people with great talent. Over three weeks I teach them, coach them, match them up with songs and write new songs to fit their personalities. It’s tiring work but as we go from awkwardness to wonderful breakthrough moments I am again in my element. It’s then I repeat to myself with great humility, “boy am I good at this!” That’s not my confession. It’s the way it should be! So I am ready to make this business thrive. I have a pianobike, which is an absolute people magnet. I have learned to record, I know how to tell great stories, I’m ready to make great videos – I know what today’s entertainment is about. I also have a great administrator working for me - one day I hope to pay her. Life shows great promise. So why am I dreaming about serenading cows? If I were milking them you might interpret the dream as meaning that I should milk my talents for all they are worth. After all it’s a milky white grand piano in the dream. But no! That’s not it! I’ve been milking my talents for years and the dream still reoccurs. So a dream consultant told me I might need to face some inner demons. I probably needed to confess something. So here it is, my confession … I CAN’T DO EVERYTHING. The dream is screaming at me, “for God’s sake, Dezy do what you are good at. Get behind that piano, entertain, teach, coach, organise great entertainment but, for God’s sake let people help you put the piano in the right locations. Let others help you get it out of that field and put it where it serves the world better. In front of lots of people!” So before I asked anybody else I thought I’d ask you, my friends. Who wants to join me in this show business adventure? The job requires no special degrees. What it mostly takes is a gift for putting things where they belong. For example cows belong in fields; great entertainment belongs in front of large audiences. Which of you is in their element when creating context. I mean that’s all it is. Putting the right things and people in the right places at the right time. Moving pianos from the meadows where the cattle graze to the dinner shows where the people munch and then on to every great theatre from here to Broadway. There is one other thing you can help me do. Count all the money. And I’m serious. Click here to hear an exciting preview of my song "Don't Hide Your Love" by my son Barry ! 
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