Finding the Ball

The following story about my great friend, Tony Kelly has an analogy in a movie and a song. It’s a golf story but don’t switch off. It’s a good one. It was a misty day. Visibility was about a hundred feet. But Tony and his brother, Gerry had played the course before so they knew where to aim. On the par five Tony hit a cracker down the middle. Sure enough when they got to his ball it was in the fairway and only 170 yards from the pin. Tony took out his four-iron and slapped a shot into the fog in the general direction where he believed the green should be. “I think that’ll be on” he told his brother. Gerry, who at times leans towards the cynical replied, “you’ll be lucky Tony to be anywhere near the green. You’re hitting a blind shot. It could be anywhere.” And sure enough when they got to the green there was no sign of Tony’s ball. They began searching around the green left and right and not finding anything they started hacking in the rough. After five minutes no luck! “Go back and play another ball,” Gerry suggested. “OK” Tony replied “but first let me check one thing.” He walked across the green and looked in the hole - and there it was. His Titleist 3 nestled snugly against the base of the flag. He had scored two on a par five but that never happens to regular golfers like us (or Tony) so at first he hadn’t even considered the possibility. The Five Pennies movie made a great impression on me as a kid. What stuck in my mind was that the trumpet player Red Skelton (played by Danny Kaye) was a misfit in every job he tried until he took the thing by the scruff of the neck. He was such a klutz no one else would employ him so he formed his own band, The Five Pennies. The outfit was a roaring success and hummed along for years. Red got to play with all the greats including Satchmo (Louis Armstrong). The actor in that movie, Danny Kaye was also the singer of the song The Ugly Duckling – you remember that song surely where our hero, after trying for years to be a passable duck, discovers that he’s really a swan. That’s why he had struggled as a duck. Duh!!! So next time that you find your purpose in life is not ‘on the green,’ where you had hoped it would be, look in the hole. Because I suspect that who or what creates us hits better shots than we dare imagine. And only our limited expectations stop us from finding the ball. The Anythingers is on Facebook - click LIKE and join the conversation. If you haven’t heard of The Anythingers yet read here. It’s happening as we speak!  
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