Coffee and Complaining

Coffee and complaining are the two things I gave up this year. Coffee is gone from my life. Complaining is diminished. I’m working on it. The coffee was easy enough. It reminded me of bigger battles like giving up smoking, drinking and breaking free of dead end life-styles. Never won those battles until I realized they were choices not struggles. Who was I fighting? There was only me involved. Complaining is more complicated. It’s such a subliminal habit. You don’t order it at a bar. You don’t rip open the carton, take it out and light it up. It’s just there. It slips out. “Why didn’t that bastard return my call? Why do banks charge you for farting in your own house?” And so on! Now I’ve realized that asking these questions is fine if I can do anything about the answer but otherwise it’s just complaining and I’ve given that up. Thank you for the avalanche of positive responses to The Anythingers (article) last week. It feels like a movement. Shape it will find in time. Already we have organized a talented troupe of Anythingers to perform with me in The Anythingers (Show). To indicate moral support visit  Facebook/Anythingers and click like. You may also comment. Remember the slogan.  Anything you want you can do! Now I’m ready for a nice cup of green tea.
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