One Crazy Thing

The Pianobike has a purpose ... It’s a crazy thing!!! Let me ask you what is the “One Crazy Thing” you would do if you could get past “That’ll never work!” or “Are you mad!” comments in your head or in your family. Or maybe you never told anyone about your crazy dream – you knew what they would say.  Let’s be honest – you’d love to have a go but even you think it’s a bit crazy! It could shake up a comfortable existence! It may be so scary you buried it years ago. Go down in your basement and resurrect it. Ask yourself this – “when looking back from the end of my short life (we can’t live as if we are around for a thousand years) will I be happy I went all out for this thing?” This is the meeting point. It will grow from the conversations we begin now. You may be someone who can inspire others to live passionately or you may feel you could do with some inspiration and support, or like me you may fall into both categories. Feel free to post your comments below. Age, sex, background are so irrelevant in this. What we have in common is that we are unique individuals encouraging self-expression and self-realization in each other. See this Steve Jobs video for inspiration! Or read the full text. You might like to begin by writing down something you are determined to do (or something brave you have done) – big, small, life changing – then tell us what you wrote or just say that you wrote something not for publication and it excites you – so it begins. We can’t carry on as if we’ll be around a thousand years – we won’t. The excitement of living is now! If, as you read all this, you’re wondering who I’m talking to look in the mirror. Good! We got that bit of profiling out of the way! Join me in ONE CRAZY THING now! Then every time you take adventurous action you’ll get encouragement and camaraderie without judgement. You’ll hear great stories of lives lived with passion, originality and purpose … and you can give it back and help others. Be part of it now! It’s a first step and costs you zilch! Write this minute! Comment below or email me directly - PS My birthday is next Saturday 15th. Here’s my gift to me – a package! In this package is a commitment to a goal – a commitment to the discipline and work required TO REACH THAT GOAL – a commitment to the courage called for – a commitment to tell my story to you (my fellow ‘one crazy thingers’) – to report what challenges I’m taking on and how I’m facing and overcoming the resistance all adventurers expect to meet.
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