The year of the DO!

I looked fun in the eye when she was trying to disguise herself as misery. I picked her up and sat her on the table and said, get yourself dressed; we’re going to a party. And the party we went to was life. At first it was a dull party. Fun drifted back into her shell. Obligation was hogging the limelight telling everyone to get their act together. There’s a right way to do things and then there’s a right way to do things was the repetitive theme of his monologue. Duty, ambition and incentive were generally agreeing with obligation’s assessment and although some individuals were mumbling that this was a boring party and asking why everyone was dressed the same, nobody was standing on the sideboard screaming, “enough of this nonsense”.  Except me! Sensibility who looked very nice in her neat satin dress cajoled me into a corner and persuaded me not to be upsetting people. After all if I was looking for fun (who at this point was nowhere to be seen) people usually put that off until obligation and duty were satisfied. Sensibility was very pretty and by the candlelight I succumbed to her gentle persuasion. I’d try doing things her way for a while. But in striving to be the man she wanted me to be I lost myself. On closer inspection I discovered I had drifted over by the punch bowl where despondency and melancholy alternatively filled each other’s glass and indifferently topped up mine whenever I moodily stuck it out. Sensibility meantime was flirting with men in black suits and red ties and if she glanced my way at all it was with a look that indicated I had failed her. She wasn’t the only one I’d failed. There was me. Again I went looking for fun but met only with disapproval and reproach. Was I at the wrong party? I checked with someone who confirmed this was life and as far as he knew, it was the only action in town. I stepped outside. I stood on the porch gazing into the distance. It was chilly and I missed stimulation who for a while had been a sort of consolation companion keeping me away from misery and despair. I thought of going back in but exhaustion suggested instead I crumble up on the porch swing and pull a blanket over me. This I did. The fight was gone. When I awoke I was alone. Except for wisdom who sat in a wicker chair across the porch. Ah enlightenment at last! Across his solemn face a broad grin simultaneously spread from east to west and west to east. Then in the warmest richest tones I’ve ever heard he uttered these immortal words – “Do the DO!!! For a second I was flummoxed but luckily he continued, “New Year’s resolutions are fine to make but easy to break …” I needed no more. I leapt up, ran inside, grabbed fun by the hand, danced across the floor and over the tables, paused momentarily on the tip top of a Christmas tree, swung down from the chandelier and snatching the piano player’s microphone proclaimed to all, “Do the DO!!! After a slight pause the world answered, “What?” Now I had their attention. “Do the DO!” I repeated. “Do the DO!” Curiosity was jumping up and down. She wanted to know more. So I continued, “What can help us keep our New Year’s resolutions?” “Could it be, ‘doing the diddly do do do’?” said cynicism. I let that go without modification. Pomposity and arrogance put forward another theory. “To keep one’s resolutions one needs will power. Nothing can be done without will power. When one is committed to a course one needs unshakable will power.” Resolve agreed with humility “Without will power I am lost,” “But,” I said, grabbing courage by the coat tails, “There is no such thing as will power!” Suddenly confusion and consternation began walking around in ever decreasing circles hands over ears going, “aaaagh!!!!” Righteousness strode towards me accusingly, “do not blaspheme! Without will power would not one man be as weak and wretched as another! ” Egalitarianism immediately questioned that stance. “And why should not all be as strong or weak as each? Are we not all created the same.” “You surely mean all created equal,” corrected semantics and I thanked her for pointing out that no two of us are the same nor would we wish to be. But by now this debate was drawing a cacophony of contrary opinions. Idea and controversy were propounding and pounding the table with fervour and passion while superciliousness abounded. Chaos sat on his throne in his complete element laughing hysterically. In an attempt to calm the situation, formality proposed we elect a chairman. Anarchism dissented accusing her of bureaucracy gone mad. Procrastination suggested we leave the whole damn thing for another time. Then somewhere in the middle of this state of pandemonium a quiet voice spoke and as often is the case, it was heard by all. “Hello! I am will.” “Will power,” the cry went up and all began to kiss the floor around his feet. “No,” he said, “just will. I have no power.” “What?” Conviction and blind faith were visibly shaken. Belief and certainty stood flabbergasted. Conventional thinking was blown out the door. “Imagine this”, said will and right before our eyes appeared a seesaw evenly balanced with comfort on one side and change on the other. As time ticked to 11.59.59 fun danced lightly forward and on the stroke of midnight she hopped on the side of change. The seesaw tipped accordingly and the whole room cheered, “Happy New Year” Time ticked on as that lady so delightfully does. After a respectful period comfort began to sing an old familiar tune. I must admit he had a sweet voice. Nostalgia, habit and all the old crowd from down at Bernie’s gathered round and joined in the chorus. Fun glanced at change who was just sitting there watching reruns and seemingly taking her a bit for granted. She shrugged her shoulders and tripped lightly forward. She was just about to cross the fulcrum into the comfort zone when I slapped change on the back and cried urgently, “Sing with me, you bastard, sing!” We let loose, “Do the Do! Do the diddly do. Don’t just sit there. Celebrate the new. Do the thing you want to do. Live the life you choose. Do the diddly diddly. Do the DO!” Enthusiasm jumped up and joined in, “show us the dance,” he hollered gaily. I said, “It’s the dance of free expression.” Inspiration took over and you should have seen her go. Fun skipped joyfully back down the plank to join us while her little sister playfulness was the life of the party. Even comfort decided to get off his high horse and slowly made his way to our end of life’s celebration. Will said, “So you see I have no power. My decisions are based on how the scales tilt. Keep fun on the side you want to see triumph. She may be light but she tips the balance.” Happy New Year - Do the DO!”
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