Happy Whatever Yer Havin’ Yerself!

The Christmas spirit is alive and well. People anonymously paying off other people’s bills, people feeding hungry people on the street only to get arrested for it (too near to city hall it seems) and a billion more examples I don’t have room for here! I am not aligned to any Christian organization or in any way restricted by the teachings but I have seen so many Christians* show love to the homeless and others all year through it warms my heart. I am determined not to let that warmth be cooled by some who style themselves “Christians” trying to impose their narrow lifestyle on all. Rather I close my eyes and silently mouth words they surely recognise but never thought would be applied in their direction, “Forgive them for they know not what they do!” Some of my sweetest Christmases have been when I’ve been broke. For those whose generosity made it great here’s my song from a few years ago – it imagines two brothers writing a Christmas song together but with very different motivation. And for the kids, here's Santa's Train, written by my father and sung by my brother, Peter. [ti_audio name="Christmas"] Click on arrow below for both songs. May your open and generous heart fill you with joy this Christmas! Or because we all celebrate in different ways different things, happy whatever yer havin’ yerself! * of course it isn’t only Christians who are generous in spirit.
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