Genius is superfluous to one’s needs!

[Sweet Rhythms of Life]

One can clearly see that job opportunities and social acceptance don’t require genius. Furthermore one notices that nothing shakes up mediocrity more than inspired living. Look up “genius wanted” on Craig’s List. There isn’t even a category for it. And mediocrity takes good care of one in such a comfortable way, why would one desert her. My God! Leaving the womb the first time was hard enough. It’s not like history hasn’t warned us about genius. Look at the tragic lives of Amy Winehouse, Vincent Van Gogh and Janis Joplin to name but three. One doesn’t want to risk ending up like that. The news media make it clear that those who go out on a limb fall off. One doesn’t have any neighbours or friends or family that lean towards self-destruction now does one? Well, if one does, one doesn’t say. So obviously on those rare occasions when one discovers little things that one does extraordinarily well one laughs it off! ‘Ha! Ha! What me a genius? That was pure fluke. Won’t happen again’. And one makes sure it doesn’t. In any case genius requires exceptional brains and one was only average in school. Like what’s his name … Albert something or Paul McCartney … and one is just an ordinary nice person … like a Meryl Streep type … what use would one have for genius. And look at the few things one is already ‘right’ about and how much dissent that invites. Imagine if one were full of inspired ideas. How could one handle the constant rejection from lesser beings? No! Better to lay low, creating a moderate impression rather than risk making an impact and upsetting people. Some say there is a River of Inspiration flows through all of us. It trickles, it gushes or it thunders like Niagara Falls. It is pure as a mountain stream or majestic as the Amazon in full flow. It is a stream of consciousness. It is true reality before rational intelligence bottles and brands it. It is life, love, and inspiration flowing freely from its source. It whispers as it ripples past, “one can live the life one wants to – fulfil one’s true potential”. Seductive of course, but one opts to stick with mediocrity. She never promised much so she can’t let one down. I mean what would happen if one were to jump into that River of Inspiration. One would probably be swept away to God knows where. One might find oneself face to face with one’s immense power and understanding. So scary it doesn’t bear thinking about. Worst of all one would have to stop complaining. And that wouldn’t do at all. [Sweet Rhythms of Life]
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