How many great ideas have you had?

How many great ideas have you had, got up the next morning and followed through? Four golfers sat joking and laughing over dinner at a corner table set slightly apart from the rest of the room. Four fun guys but they felt obliged to keep it down a bit, as the rest of the room was kind of sedate to say the least. Polite conversation and not too much of that! Our four golfing friends were not golf hacks by any means. They were four professionals based in The Netherlands (Holland colloquially). They had just spent a great day on the golf course with some very fun business people. But these same business people had now metamorphosed into those subdued suits at the other tables. “I thought this bunch were hilarious out on the course,” said Jonas one of our four in his soft New York/Chicago accent. Alan, David (both Scots) and Mauk (a home-grown Netherlander) agreed. The four went and sat by the fire and discussed the phenomenon of silent business dinners. I’m not going into causes here but enough to say they analysed it well. More importantly my four friends discussed how invigorating such dinners could be if someone threw the right ingredient into the mix. “Why don’t we do something about it?” “We’re not just pro golfers, we’ve got ideas, energy and the right mix of insanity! If we can get people gelling and laughing on the golf course surely we can do it off the course as well.” So they sat by the fire and over a long evening hatched the idea of “Made inScotland”. Then the next day they got up and forgot about the whole thing. NO THEY DID NOT! And that’s my point. These guys followed through. Among many other things Made inScotlandcreated “The Dutch” - the most exclusive golf course in The Netherlands. They’ve taken Made inScotlandmembers (top business people known as Clan members) all over the world for imaginative events and great golf and a lot of laughs. They’ve made a serious attempt to bring the Ryder Cup toHollandand went close. That will happen the next time or the time after. This song “You Gotta Have a Dream” from my show, Not the Life I Ordered suits well here. [ti_audio media="1170"] For those interested there is a lot more about these four and the people who have joined them since, on their website
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