Your Crazy Christmas Revolution !

You can change the world completely - by Christmas. How? By changing how you see the world - you saw that coming - and then from that new perspective doing something you were going to do anyway but just doing it a little bit differently. How we buy our Christmas gifts may be more powerful in modern democracy than how we vote. When you vote you may replace one politician with another but the system changes slowly if at all. When you shop for gifts you can affect the worldwide system of economics immediately. A short and cynical version of the present state of play is that multinationals move the jobs - created by your buying power and nothing else - to wherever the labour is cheapest. They reward their ‘clever’ management with obscene bonuses for being so smart – even though any six-year-old mathematician could have come up with that idea. How much nicer if your buying power was creating jobs directly in your own circle and community. I’m not picking on oriental workers by the way – they won’t gain much if western spending power collapses – I’m saying we need the direct jobs now! It’s up to you to figure out how to do this and it’s so easy. All you have to do is avoid the big box shops. It could be the work of local artists and artisans or golf green fees or a year’s carwash or restaurant vouchers for great local treasures – anything is possible – but don’t give someone who looks like me a year’s free haircuts. That could be an unused gift. You know the people you are buying for and you can come up with crazy ideas to delight a variety of loved ones while boosting your local economy and saving the world. What a days work! Here are my two favourite gift suggestions – season tickets for a theatre company whose work you love. Or you could give a donation to your local homeless shelter and wrap up the receipt in Christmas paper – when I did that one year I told the recipient in advance and she matched my amount and gave me the same gift. We both felt very Christmassy that year. There are innocent families in homeless shelters this year put there by the present economic situation. Let’s vote with our Christmas gift buying for direct job creation so that the situation improves immediately. If the Chinese and Korean workers also take this direct job creation advice they won’t be hurt. The multinational management bonuses may be down a bit but I suspect they’ll survive – for now. Listen to “Christmas is a Bollox” written for my musical “Not the Life I Ordered”. [ti_audio media="1152"]
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