Anything You Want You Can Do! – Peter’s Passion

Peter knew what passion was. He just wasn’t sure it was good for you.

You may have a passion to save the world or something. Yes! Go for it. Your mother may plead with you to be sensible and use your education for more personal gain and security but deep down she is so proud of you for dedicating your life to helping others. That is surely a noble passion.

But what if you’ve been an accountant all your life wearing sharp business suits and you find this incredible urge to ditch them all and wear something frilly instead. Is this a noble passion or a fetish? Surely if you are trying to strike a blow for freedom of dress you could start by wearing jeans to the office every second Tuesday.

But this is the thing about passion. It doesn’t have to make rational sense. It may not be recognisable from outside the individual. It’s hard enough to recognise passion inside yourself and often when you do recognise it, it is very scary indeed.

It calls us to authenticity. It asks us to suffer whatever it takes to get to the centre of our soul. We may lose people we deeply love along the way because they just cannot understand the changes passion demands.

Peter’s passion for frilliness made no sense to anyone until you sat down, looked him straight in the eye and listened. Then it became convincing. He persuaded me to write his story and that story interwoven with my own has become my musical play, “Not the Life I Ordered!” Please click on link below to read Peter's Poem - Frilly Things - Peter Walls

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2 Responses to Anything You Want You Can Do! – Peter’s Passion

  1. Marian langan says:

    Saw Peter performing in Limerick. Have been trying to find his CDs since but to know avail. Please advise.

  2. Catherine says:

    wow – inspirational. And such an important message that the world needs to hear.

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