Fox do the Simpsons don’t they?

I must apologise to half my friends because I am going to be on Fox news. I must apologise to the other half of my friends for that facetious remark. Well, you can’t please everyone. The policeman in Hillsboro said he had a complaint about piano cycling on the sidewalk. A hundred others would have told him, “Let it go - we love it” The law however is invariably on the side of the complainer. “No bicycles (mine’s a tricycle) no skateboards (I should think not) and no yokes as wide as a piano with wheels (oh, ye got me there) are allowed on the sidewalks in Hillsboro City, Oregon. On the other hand it was a good week. A great article by Jonathan Maus, "Meet Dezy Walls..." ( and then the Oregon Fox 12 KPTV station set up a session for Tuesday next. I’m news! I’m news! I’m news! Well the Pianobike is news. Yes, it’s Fox but as Clare pointed out, “Fox do the Simpsons don’t they!” And just when I was congratulating everyone on our breakthrough a responder to Jonathan’s article pointed out that there is still a record to be set – cycling a pianobike across America. Listen, I read about a twenty three year old walking coast to coast (3,400 miles by blue highways) but a sixty three year old cycling it with a piano! Don’t be ridiculous. Oh Dear! Now he’s put the idea into my head. There are some who would love to see it happen? Others can’t wait to warn me against my own insanity. “What are you thinking, Dezy?” “Here’s what I’m thinking. Would it be even more fun if I cycled it backwards most of the way?”
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