Small Roads festival of Theatre and Dining in Kenmare, Co. Kerry - September 22nd to November 12th, 2017 Also in Cork Arts Theatre, Cork City Rossmore, West Cork Waterville, Co Kerry Killorglin, Co Kerry I initiated this festival and it now has the town enthusiastically behind it. It's the first festival of its kind in this part of the world. The 2016 festival featured four plays including Not the Life I Ordered. We are back in 2017. not the life logo Playwright's Note: Live your passion. Find your purpose. If this writer’s passion is to tell stories and these stories encourage others to live their passion then perhaps this writer has found his purpose. In Not the Life I Ordered both protagonists have a passion - one an overt but ill-defined passion, the other a hidden fire. As he accidently kicks away the stone that covers his brother Simon’s darkest secret, Jack sets in motion a series of events which result in the fuller expression of his own passion. And it’s a true story. Not just stranger than fiction but infinitely more fun, Of course, I admit this - like any great Irish story, it may be slightly exaggerated. Reviews
  • SWWA Stage & Theater Arts Review "Absolutely super! ... The Songs are the heart of the show and very well suited to the subject matter. And, unlike some musicals, these songs are actually integrated as part of the storytelling...You will want to get the CD.” [Dennis Sparks]
  • “Not the Life I Ordered” is unlike anything I’ve seen during my long life enjoying live theatre. The playwright shows great depth of sensitivity as he reminds us of life’s valuable lessons - skillfully coupled with bawdy humor. Emotions will run the gamut from belly laughs to nose blowing tears. It renews one’s appreciation for their own strengths, foibles, expectations, and satisfaction living a life real and true to themselves. Since “Hair” in Chicago(1968) and in Portland(2011) I have not experienced the unexpected range of emotions as I did during “Not the Life I Ordered”. Actually I felt a bit silly - crying during a musical?” ["W"anita Gray, Vancouver WA]
The story is told through songs both comical and heart wrenching. From the title song, “Not the Life I Ordered” through “The Stress Management Song” the dialogue and lyrics combine to lead us on an emotional roller-coaster, evoking warm sympathy for both these complex characters and their stories. “What about inside, what about feelings, what about unique and personal meanings? What about man being true to his soul? What about playing a significant role? What about expressing my integrity? What about me?”  [excerpt from 'Do Up Your Necktie' as featured in the musical 'Not the Life' written by Dezy Walls] What is Not the Life I Ordered about? Not the Life I Ordered shows us how our brightest truth may lie behind our darkest door of shame. Simon is an accountant who has danced to the world’s demand for compliance and mediocrity, leaving any desire for individual expression locked away in the deepest dungeons of his heart. Tomorrow he will be marrying the boss’s daughter thus reaching the pinnacle of his social climb. Just as Simon learns of the last minute loss of his best man due to flight delays, a knock on his door reveals his scruffy musician brother. Jack, thrown out by yet another woman, needs a place to stay. CONTINUE READING   Have a listen to the Skatz n Walls version of 10 of our favorite songs from Not the Life I Ordered.