Scenes from Not the Life I Ordered performed in October 2013 at Firkin Crane, Cork; Mill Theatre, Dublin; St John’s Theatre, Listowel.

Not the Life I Ordered Show Photos (flickr)

behind the curtain

Since the world began there hasn’t been a better way to share time with all your best friends than to gather around a great storytelling musician.

Dezy Walls, Tom Lehreresque style songster, showman and playwright takes you Behind the Curtain sharing with you the fun and the history of his musical Not the Life I Ordered.

You be the host. Dezy’s big hat covers the costs and everyone bounces home two foot taller.

This video gives you an idea about this phenomenon but man you gotta see him ‘live’.

“Brilliant again Dezy, seen you a hundred times but you never cease to amaze me…….Unique” [Alan Saddington – Doonbeg, Ireland – April 2012]

“Dezy is a warm, witty and outrageous entertainer. His performance will keep you smiling for days.” [Marty Halma – NY]

Whether you get to see Dezy, his piano and his incisive wit or his groundbreaking musical play Not the Life I Ordered,  the promise is – you’ll leave the room two foot taller (or we’ll sell you a hat!)